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Rome, one of the world’s oldest cities, has long been a cultural, art, and religious hub. Because of the city’s rich history, numerous historical sites have become famous tourist attractions. Rome’s architecture is stunning, whether you’re gazing at ancient buildings, cathedrals, or fountains.

It makes no difference whether neighborhood you visit since there are always things you must see or do. To help you create the most of your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of entertaining things to do in Rome. These venues and activities will guarantee you fun while learning about the culture.

Things To Do In Rome

Rome is so old and full-bodied of history that it can be hard to decide which attractions to visit first. How do you start to figure out what to do in Rome? We’ve compiled a list of world-famous sites and lesser-known destinations to answer this hard-to-answer question. Such as museums, markets, and archeological and architectural marvels that will give you the full range of amazing things to do in the Italian capital. Whether you only have a day to spend in the city or a few weeks to see everything, this list will help you make a plan you won’t forget.

If you’re seeking the ultimate vacation, this list of the top fun things to do in Rome will make your trip unforgettable.

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Visit One Of The Seven World Wonders

things to do in Rome

A visit to the Colosseum is a must-do on any trip to Rome, particularly if you only have one day.

The magnificent historic theater is not only one of Italy’s most recognized sites, but it is also one of the world’s seven wonders! This alone makes a visit to the Colosseum worthwhile.

The theater was erected between 70 and 80 AD and is the biggest ever constructed. In the early Middle Ages, you mainly utilized it for gladiatorial combat, theatrical performances, and other forms of entertainment.

Even today, the ruins of the magnificent building represent Ancient Rome’s riches, grandeur, and dominance. Visit the Colosseum is one of the best things to do in Rome.

The Colosseum is always highly busy since it is the city’s most popular tourist destination.

To obtain the most genuine experience, arrive early in the morning. If you dislike waiting in line, you may purchase tickets online. A basic admission ticket to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill costs roughly 16€.

Visit Pantheon

things to do in Rome

The Pantheon is a temple to Roman pagan gods built in both Roman and Greek styles. Since it was built in 25 BC, people have been going to the Pantheon. It was first a Roman temple; since the 7th century, it has been a church. It was also a tomb for kings and queens. Here are the graves of many famous Italian kings, poets, and other famous people. It is thought to be the Roman building that has survived the best. The Pantheon is unique because it has Greek colonnades in a rectangle on the outside and Roman cylinders attached to it. Don’t miss the temple because it is one of the best things to do in Rome.

The dome, with its coffered walls, is the most exciting part of this building. The giant dome of the Pantheon is the most significant concrete dome in the world that isn’t reinforced. It’s crazy to look up at the crown and see that the only natural light comes in through the hole in the middle. There are sculptures on each arch inside the dome. Take a slow walk around Piazza Della Rotonda and around the round shape of the Pantheon to admire the ancient Romans’ creativity.

Go up Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill has a lot to do with the legends of Rome. It is said that Romulus decided to build the famous city there after a terrible fight with his twin brother Remus killed Remus. This has never been proven, but since people lived there then, maybe some of it is true.

In the Middle Ages, this area was also one of the best places to live in Rome. There were castles, churches, and many interesting stories there. Find out all about them and other interesting things when you go there. Your host will make you feel like you’re living in the past.

We promise that the area is one of Rome’s most beautiful places to visit.

Things To Do In Rome: Peter’s Basilica

things to do in Rome

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the world’s most famous and well-known religious buildings. It is a true triumph of the power and decadence of the Catholic religion, and its followers hold it as one of the holiest shrines.

The Basilica is at the far end of St. Peter’s square. It has a beautiful front facade and statues of Jesus and the Apostles on top.

The Basilica is thought to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world because of how well it is built and decorated.

You’ll be amazed by the many decorations and details and how the light falls in beautiful rays at different times of the day.

Michelangelo and Bernini both worked on the design, and their work can be seen in the vast dome and beautiful Gloria sculpture.

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Trevi Fountain

things to do in Rome

The Trevi Fountain is the most well-known fountain in Rome. It is honorable in the middle of the city. Nicola Salvi made it, and since it opened in 1743, it has been one of the most popular places to visit in Rome. It is also a prominent part of the movie La Dolce Vita.

The Roman fashion house Fendi paid $2.4 million for a sandblasting facelift in 2015. Which made the fountain’s beautiful white travertine statues of Oceanus with his chariot pulled by two Tritons and two seahorses look brand new. Visit Trevi Fountain is one of the best things to do in Rome.

Most of the roads in the Centro Storico lead to it because it is at the intersection of three streets, or “the vie,” which is how it got its name. Take the required selfie and throw a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain to ensure you’ll be back. The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s most popular tourist spots so it can get hectic. However, we went at night and had the whole place to ourselves.

Visit Roman Forum

The Roman Forum’s ruins will take you back almost 3,000 years, even though they are in the middle of a busy modern capital. The Forum was a marvel of engineering and building. The Roman Forum was built between the 7th century BC and the 1st century AD and is one of the world’s most important archaeological sites. It has the remains of government buildings, like the Curia Julia, where the Roman Senate met. There are still the ruins of the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Cesare, the Basilica Emilia, and the Basilica Giulia.

Julius Caesar was buried in the Temple of Cesare, built by Caesar’s adopted son Augustus. This was in the year 29 BC. During the Roman Empire, the Roman Forum was the center of all cultural, political, business, and entertainment activities, such as gladiator marches. Take a walk around the ruins and learn about the history of this “Citta Eterna,” or “Eternal City.” Rome has been the capital for almost 3,000 years.

Piazza del Popolo

things to do in Rome

Piazza Del Popolo translates as “People’s Square.” It is a vast open area surrounded by churches, fountains, marble sculptures, monuments, and densely forested gardens. The magnificent Santa Maria Del Popolo church is well worth a visit.

The Via Del Corso major route connects the churches of Santa Maria in Monte Santo and Santa Maria dei Miracoli. A massive Egyptian obelisk of Ramses II from Heliopolis stands in the middle of the plaza. It arrived in Rome in 10 BC and was first erected at Circus Maximus.

The Porta del Popolo is located at one of the square’s corners; the gate was intended to link to ancient Rome. The Piazza was designed in 1811 and remained congested until recently. It has now been converted into a pedestrian zone. Walk around the wide Piazza Del Popolo and appreciate the tranquillity in sharp contrast to the clamor of the bustling metropolis. From here, you may go shopping on Via Del Corso.

Things To Do In Rome: Cucina Romana is delicious

Every city in Italy has its distinct culinary style, and Rome is no exception. Typical Roman cuisine contain fresh ingredients prepared. Pecorino, Romano, and ricotta are famous cheeses in Roman cooking. The most frequent seasonings are strut to, pig fat, and olive oil. Carciofi or artichokes are also often utilized in dishes. Pastas offered here include spaghetti alla carbonara with pancetta sauce, fettuccine alfredo with butter and parmesan cheese, and bucatini all’amatriciana with tomato sauce, guacamole, and pecorino cheese. Every meal is accompanied by the famed Pane di Genzano. Binge on Roman food for a healthy Roman vacation!

Final thoughts

We hope our list of those Things To Do In Rome will help you find the most entertaining things to do in Rome and additional exciting activities for a 2-3 day schedule.

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What is the most crucial piece of history in Rome?

The Colosseum is one of those places where you have to see it for yourself to believe it. This famous landmark is a massive stone building almost 2,000 years old and towers over the city’s streets.

What’s the best thing to see in Rome?

One of the most popular places to visit in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. The fountain is hidden away on a side street in the city. It is very detailed and beautiful to look at. It is the largest fountain in Rome. It was built in 19 BC to mark the end of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct.

Where in Rome is the best place to try gelato?

Gelato is a specialty of Italy, and the oldest gelateria in the world is the best place to try it. Since 1880, Palazzo del Freddo di Giovanni Fassi has been scooping out some of the best gelatos in the world. Every day, they serve an impressive 2,200 pounds of the stuff. There are no unusual flavors here, but there is an excellent selection of classic gelatos like chocolate, pistachio, chestnut, hazelnut, and strawberry.

What is the best thing to do in Rome?

Many people don’t know that climbing to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the best things to do in Rome. You can see the Basilica and St. Peter’s Square beautifully up high. It will allow you to take amazing pictures no one else will have.

Which festival in Rome is the best?

If you are in the city between June and September, you must go to Lungo il Tevere. This yearly celebration is one of the best things to do in Rome in the summer. It’s when the city comes to life, with lots of fun things you can’t do any other time of year. At Lungo il Tevere, the whole family is welcome because there are many things for kids to do. Classic arcade games like hockey tables, foosball tables, and nerf gun shooting ranges, and you can even find virtual world capsules along the river.

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