10 Best Things To Do In India

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These activities will transport you to India’s heart and secret corners, from desert stargazing and snow leopard spotting to Himalayan mountain trekking. Here is a list of the best things to do in India.

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1. Things to do in india; Ellora Caves

things to do in India - Ellora Caves

Photo by Olivier

The magnificent Ellora Caves complex spans over two square kilometers in Maharashtra is a must-see for all tourists who come to India to enjoy the things to do in India. The cave complex comprises 34 monolithic Buddhist, Jainist, and Brahmanist temples hand-chiseled from the mountainside and then filled with intricate art pieces. The temples were built between the fifth and tenth centuries. In contrast to the identical caves at Ajanta, which are all Buddhist, these caves exhibit exceptional religious tolerance, which was virtually unheard of. Perhaps due to some friendly rivalry among the artists, these temples are highly intricate and very humbling when considering the resources available at the time of their construction. On a day journey from Mumbai, you can see both the Ellora and Ajanta cave attractions.

2. A Bengal tiger approaches the river (Dreamstime)

things to do in India - Bengal tiger

Photo by RussPhotographer

India is home to various wildlife, but the country’s cats receive the most of the spotlight. When you think about things to do in India, the Bengal tiger is coming first. It is home to five large cats Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and Indian leopards – and the probabilities of seeing them are rather good if you visit the correct locations.

Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, Kanha, Pench, Satpura, and Corbett are the best national parks to witness tigers. While there are healthy tiger populations in the Sunderbans, they can be challenging to spot.

Leopards are found throughout India; they can be located as far south as Kerala and as far north as Rajasthan. You might see them on the outskirts of Mumbai, rummaging among garbage dumps on the fringes of the city.

Snow leopards are found in the Indian Himalayas near Ladakh. A winter visit increases your chances of sighting them as they descend from the highlands in quest of food — they appear to have a particular fondness for the native bharal and blue sheep.

Dark leopards are located in the Himalayan foothills and, despite their name, are not related to leopards. They are regarded as the evolutionary bridge between small and large cats. One of the most incredible places to see them is in Sikkim’s Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve.

Finally, visit Gujarat State to witness the world’s sole living Asiatic lions. They are smaller and shaggier than their African relatives and are found exclusively in the Sasan Gir National Park.

3. Investigate the temples

things to do in India - Madhya Pradesh's Khajuraho temple

Photo by butforthesky.com

With such a diverse range of religions and deities, it’s unsurprising that India is a land of temples. They have performed as a canvas for ideas, architecture, sculpture, and the arts throughout history. They are buzzing, lively centers of active devotion that dominate landscapes or are carved into rocks and caverns.

Blush at the erotic carvings of Madhya Pradesh’s Khajuraho temple. Food samples were cooked in front of Goddess Mahalakshmi in Orissa’s Lord Jagannath temple. Admire the technicolor creatures, gods, and devils adorn Tamil Nadu’s Meenakshi Sundareshwar Temple. Additionally, visit Amritsar’s Golden Temple, a beautiful icon of religious tolerance and spiritual independence.

Each temple shows something about the country’s essence, from the most miniature shrine to the most prominent building. Could you make an effort to locate them?

4. Trekking through the Himalayas

things to do in India - Himalayas

Photo by Olga Kulikova

Think about things to do in India? Just come through the Himalayas. The Indian Himalaya evokes more ideas of historic pilgrimages and sacred sites.

From Kashmir to Nanda Devi, the western mountains are home to a fantastic diversity of communities and opinions. Sikkim, a paradise-like state in the east, is home to enormous butterflies and orchid woods, while Arunachal Pradesh is the final Himalayan wild border.

The Markha Valley and Hemis Festival walk are one of the most popular in the Indian Himalayas, featuring beautiful mountain scenery, Ladakh’s largest monastery, and the opportunity to view snow leopards. In Sikkim, the monastery circuit offers a world of stunning landscapes, charming monasteries, and hundreds of butterflies, birds, and unusual plants.

Beyond Darjeeling’s purely manicured tea fields, a walk via pine, fir, and rhododendron forests leads to a ridge as a natural border with Nepal and into Singalila National Park.

5. Seek out a terrestrial paradise

things to do in India - Coastline, Mumbai

Photo by Sunghwan Yoon

The 400-kilometer time of the equatorial coastline that links Mumbai and Goa is one of the least-visited regions on the subcontinent.

There are almost no tourist accommodations, and the roads are small and winding, though a train (the Konkan Railway) will carry you to remote outposts. The palm-fringed shoreline comprises an almost continuous series of beaches, which are entirely uninhabited and supervised by fortifications dating from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The 572 Andaman and Nicobar Islands constitute a genuine alternative to the mainland, closer to Southeast Asia than India. The Nicobars are off-limits to tourists; only a handful of islands in the entire archipelago are accessible to the few who make the trip.

The 2004 tsunami wreaked havoc on island tourism, but the Andamans have recovered and are open for business – the diving is said to be as good as ever. Fly or sail into Port Blair’s capital, then drift to Havelock Island for birdwatching and beach lounging before making your way to Neil Island, where you can cycle through paddy fields, snorkel over coral reefs, and count the number of other passengers on the one hand.

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6. Take to the rails

things to do in India - Take the Rails

Photo by Belur Ashok

Among the things to do in India, taking a tour via rail is one. The Indian rail system is more than a mode of transport; it is an experience in and of itself. Each carriage is a microcosm of India – boisterous, chaotic, hospitable, and alive. You’ll experience a lifetime in a single day. Book a sleeper – select the class that fits your budget – and travel at the clattering pace of an antique train.

Each rail ride is as distinctive as the country. The desert journey from Jodphur to Jaisalmer passes forts and ancient cities, while the ‘Toy Train’ from Kolkata to Darjeeling zigzags through the highlands, passing tea plantations and providing stunning vistas of the Himalayas.

From Madurai to Bodinayakkanur, the Cardamom Route takes you to the southern slopes of the Western Ghats, passing through plantations of cotton, mango, pepper, coffee, and tea.

Consider traveling the Grand Truck Express from New Delhi to Chennai for a spectacular Indian rail journey. It is 2,186 kilometers long, making it one of India’s longest train routes.

7. Discover inner tranquillity

things to do in India - Amritsar's Golden Temple

Photo by Erik Grootscholte

India is a spiritual marketplace with diverse religions, beliefs, and practices. You can physically dip your toes into the sacred waters by witnessing traditional festivities on Varanasi’s ghats or by the quiet waters in front of Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the whirling frenzy of Kumbha Mela, a three-year-old festival of ritual bathing, nude sadhus, flashing lights, and spiritual purification held near a designated sacred river.

Or delve a little deeper by staying in one of India’s Hindu Ashrams, faith-based guest houses where spiritual education and food are included.

Pondicherry – and its neighboring Auroville – are spiritual hotspots, as is Rishikesh, located north of Delhi at the foot of the Himalaya. Rishikesh, situated on the stakes of the holy Ganges, is densely loaded with temples, colorful people, and ashrams.

8. Take part in the world’s most vibrant events

With its pantheon of gods and religions, India has an abundance of festivals. Each region also has its traditions — in Kerala, for example, harvest is celebrated with Onam, a ten-day feasting festival. In Nagaland, there are kite flying and camel festivals and an event dedicated to hornbills. There is no more suitable method to immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions of the country.

Diwali is the most crucial celebration between October and November each year. It is referred to as the ‘festival of lights’ because over one million clay lamps called diyyas illuminate India’s streets, homes, and temples.

In March, Holi is India’s most vibrant festival, commemorating the triumph of good over evil. It’s wild and insane, with people hurling powder of various colors. Although it is recognized throughout the country, northern celebrations are more vibrant and joyous. Remember to wear clothing that you are not concerned about getting destroyed. It is undoubtedly the most enjoyable event among the things to do in India.

9. In the Rajasthan desert, sleep under the stars

things to do in India - Rajasthan desert

Photo by Navaneeth Kishor

A camel safari in the Rajasthan desert is an adventure not missed. You’ll be gently rocked as your camel transports you across the Thar desert to Jaisalmer, where you’ll camp out in tents beneath a canopy of stars and visit minor desert settlements where curious children proudly show off their mud dwellings.

During the Pushkar camel fair, an annual gathering of traders from the region showcases Rajasthan at its vibrant, chaotic camel-trading best.

And don’t forget to spend time at Jaisalmer, the pink city. Compact, self-contained, and capped with the world’s oldest continuously inhabited fort, it’s a town designed for wandering – and a gentle introduction to India’s sights, sounds, and scents.

10. From a houseboat in Kerala, you can see the world go by

things to do in India - Houseboat in Kerela

Photo by timj.b

In the last one, we discuss the things to do in India. Converted rice boats that ply Kerala’s backwaters provide the perfect chance to experience rural India at its most tranquil. Fertile soils and large fish stocks make this one of the most abundant regions in the country. Chill and take in the panoramic scenery of shade palms, rice fields, and little rural churches and temples. This is India at its most bucolic.

Take some time to explore Kerala’s vibrant capital, Kochi. Kochi (or Cochin, as most people prefer) is a collection of peninsulas, islands, and capes sandwiched between the lake and rivers of its inland canals and the Arabian Sea.

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