4 Mysterious And Forbidden Places In The World That You Have To Know

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forbidden places in the world

Generously, we are interested in forbidden things to do, forbidden things to see, and illegal things to see. All over the prohibited tasks, we get divine feelings. No one knows the reason why we have interests or attractions. From this thinking, we will share with you some forbidden places in the world. That will impress you to go there for a visit.

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  1. Bank of England Gold Boults

Bank of England is one of the two largest gold custodians globally. The second guardian is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY). At least since the early 20th century, the Bank of England has presented gold control services to its foreign central bank and state customers to enable them to purchase gold in the London market and store it in bank vaults. This central bank gold is directed to as ‘designated gold’ and is said to be held on a ‘set-side basis’ as specific customers own identifiable gold bars. In other words, allocate gold. All Gold Good Delivery Gold Bar or similar form stored in the Bank of England vault, each weighing about 400 troy ounces. Some customers may also have historical gold reserves, although banks do not highlight this. The Bank of England is not only a protector of gold but also of other precious metals. That’s why it’s a one of the forbidden places in the world.

The Bank of England’s gold arches are located in the basement level of its headquarters building, located in London, on a site bordering Threadneedle Street, Princess Street, Lothberry, and Bartholomew Lane. The service access to the bank, and the inner yard, is through a secured arched gate at Lothbari. That is located behind the building on the opposite side of the pedestrian entrance to Threadneedle Street.

Forbidden Places In The World

There is also a cash vault in the basement. Gold vaults and cash vaults interchangeably rely on space requirements, so the number of lockers used to store gold varies. In arches, gold bars are stacked on metal-framed, wooden-based storage pallets, each containing 1 ton (80 bars) and can be stacked on the shelter of each other. Some arches store palettes stacked at four heights, where at least one vault holds six tall pallets. Pallets are transferred and stacked in vaults using powered stacker pedestrian units like BT Staxio.

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  1. Vatican City

Researchers did not have access to the Vatican’s secret archives until the approval of Pope Leo XIII in 181. He was the first to introduce that system. However, no researcher is allowed to see everything there. And there are several rules to follow to get there and subsequently hand over various documents. In the last two hundred years, those rules have not changed much.

Forbidden Places In The World

The Vatican’s secret archives are now open to the public for 65 consecutive years. An exhibition of 100 documents from the eighth to the twentieth century. The Vatican was held at the Capitoline Museum in Rome in 2012 to mark the 400th anniversary of the archive. The exhibition, titled “Lux in arcana – The Vatican Secret Archives reveals itself,” ran from February to September. Let us now know some of the notable documents of that exhibition.

Martin Luther was a professor of theology, musician, priest, and influential figure in the Protestant Reformation. He objected to some of the rules and regulations of the Roman Catholic Church, and Martin wrote Ninety-Five Theses in 1517 on the effectiveness of the Church’s practice of emancipation from sins through religious ceremonies. In 1520 Pope Leo X and 1521, the Roman emperor Charles V asked him to withdraw his writings. But when Luther refused, the pope expelled him from the Church. This expulsion order is in that secret archive.

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In 1530, the childless king wanted to perpetuate the bloodshed by marrying Anne Boylen. But for that, he had to divorce the then Queen Catherine, which the Catholic Church did not approve of. Pope Clement VII wrote a three-foot-wide letter to the 71-member royal court and the clergy to annul the marriage. The letter also hinted that the outcome would not be perfect if he did not cancel. The pope did not support the annulment of the wedding. As a result, the Church of England was later formed. The letter is in the Vatican with the red seal barrier seals.

Forbidden Places In The World

Michelangelo, an Italian sculptor, poet, painter, and architect, once wrote a letter to the pope stating that Vatican guards had not received their salaries for the past three months. If this situation continues, they will be forced to leave their jobs. It is unrecognized what he will do after leaving the post. However, the letter is still in the Vatican.

Only a select few members of the Vatican can enter this unique library. The Vatican is one of the most forbidden places in the world.

  1. Fort Knox

Most of America’s gold reserves are kept at Fort Knox! How much? About 5,000 tons! Thirty-six thousand gold bars, each weighing 12.5 kg! You will never be able to enter here. That’s why it’s a one of the forbidden places in the world.

Only two American presidents have visited here so far. Fort Knox is a cantonment of the American army. Inside there is a fort under which there is a mountain of gold! Granite walls surround it, and each door weighs 22 tons! The combination of its vault is with ten different people so that only one can not open it. It is surrounded by the Special Police Force and outside it by US Army guards. Cameras, laser finders, radar, Apache helicopters, tanks, APCs, artillery guns, etc.! In addition to the minefield inside, an invisible laser ray has dismembered the body.

If all the gold kept here is melted, the area will be 216 cubic meters.

Forbidden Places In The World

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – 33, Liberty Street, New York The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has the largest gold reserves in the world – about 6,000 tons of gold or 555,000 gold bars! Of course, only 2 to 5% of it is in America. The rest belongs to the government or organization of other world countries! The gold is not the property of the bank or the United States.

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The gold is kept there safely only for another country. There are separate rooms for different countries. You don’t have to pay to keep the gold, but pay $1.75 for each bar to move from one room to another! Why is gold needed to be removed? Suppose China pays Japan for something in gold instead of money.

  1. Forbidden Places In The World; Coral Reefs Island

You have traveled to many countries of the world and reached all the terrible areas. Even so, owning one is still beyond the average person’s reach. One such island is the North Sentinel. You can’t go here even if you want to.

North Sentinel Island is an island in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is home to an ancient tribe called the Sentinels. To the Sentinels, their 20-square-mile island is like the earth, and they did not accept anything from the outside world. Its inhabitants are 50-400 people who have never been outside the island. That’s why it’s a one of the forbidden places in the world.

Forbidden Places In The World

Dangerous coral reefs surround the island, and there are no natural ports or harbors. The islanders do not allow outsiders to enter. In 1970, a National Geographic photographer was severely injured, shot in the thigh. Since then, no one has had access to it.

In 1991, the Indian government again tried to make peace with them. But in 1997, they announced that they did not want to be associated with anyone outside the world. Since then, the Sentinels have returned to their peaceful lives.

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