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Europe is the ultimate getaway from the monotony of everyday existence. The prospect of traveling to Europe is both alluring and daunting. Europe, a continent brimming with awe-inspiring sites and breathtaking scenery, may leave you unsure where to begin. Here, you can find the most incredible and fascinating Europe tour packages that will take you to some of the continent’s most gorgeous cities.

More than 480 million foreign tourists visit the continent yearly. Whether it is a journey with friends, family, or a significant other, the destination may trigger many memories to remember forever. Here, we prepare you for a trouble-free trip to Europe. The awe-inspiring beauty of magnificent Milan and Venice, the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland, the splendor of London Bridge, and gorgeous Croatia are eager to welcome you with open arms.

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Tips for Europe tour packages

If you follow these tips, you’ll save time, money, and energy that you can use on your journey to make great memories.

  • Plan a trip to this lovely place during the best time of year, when being outside is comfortable and easy.
  • Use money wisely and ensure you always have cash on you. In some places, you can only pay with cash.
  • As much as possible after getting to your destination, take public transportation; The best way to get to know a place.
  • Learn how to ask for simple things in the country’s language. English is not often spoken in the country.
  • Choose a SIM card that works in European countries to ensure a good connection.
  • Lighten your load, and don’t forget your walking shoes. This will help you see more of the area without getting tired.

7-Day Switzerland, Italy, and France Tour from Paris

City of Origin / Destination: Paris / Paris

7-day duration

Price: $571.47/person


  • Walk through the design and couture-conscious city of Milan.
  • Experience Venice, a fascinating city of beautiful palaces and flowing rivers
  • Visit St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican
  • Take in the views and sounds of Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

7-Day Scandinavia Tour Package from Copenhagen: Sweden | Denmark | Norway Denmark

Begin / Finish Copenhagen is a city in Denmark.

7-day duration

Price: $598.51/person


  • The finest of Copenhagen and Stockholm sightseeing
  • A panoramic cable car trip to Briksdal Glacier
  • A stunning Sognefjord cruise
  • An exhilarating journey on the Flam Railway
  • Sightseeing in Gothenburg.

5-Day Italy Tour: Rome | Florence | Venice

Start /End City: Rome / Venice

Duration: 5 Days

Price: $411.64/person


  • Admission to the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, the St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Murano Glass Factory.
  • Venice water taxi
  • Four complimentary breakfasts
  • Pick-up service at Rome Airports (FCO and CIA).
  • Take a panoramic tour of Rome, the Eternal City.
  • Take a stroll around Florence’s ancient center, passing by the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo, and the Plaza Della Signoria.
  • Travel across the waterways of Venice’s historic center, stopping in the iconic Piazza San Marco.
  • Visit the isle city of Murano, which is famous across the globe for its unique glass-blowing industry.

Top 10 Must-See Places for Europe tour packages

When planning a trip to this beautiful continent, one of the first things you should consider is the best time to go. Every season has both right and wrong things about it. So, depending on how much you want to spend and what you want to do. Pick the right time to go to Europe. If you want a beach vacation, the best time to go is in the summer. The continent is too cold and hard to visit in the winter. So, the best time to plan a trip is spring or fall.

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Europe tour packages: Austria

Europe tour packages

Austria is the only country to show what Central Europe is about. It’s easy to fall in passion about the cities here, but you’ll soon realize that the best parts of Austria are when it’s quiet. The flower-filled lush meadows, sparkling lakes and rushing rivers, snow-covered Alps, impressive palaces and castles, cute little mountain villages, and moving horse-drawn carriages will take your breath away. This beautiful landlocked country isn’t as big as some, but it is one of the most popular places to vacation.

It has attractions that are good to see in both winter and summer.

There aren’t many better things to do in Austria than exploring the museums and theatres of Vienna or hiking through the pretty villages hidden in the alpine valleys. Tour the rhythmic streets of Salzburg, where Mozart was born, take a walk through Hallstatt or the amazing Zell am See, zoom down the slopes of the Alps on a ski board, sip the exceptional wines of Grüner Veltliner, get crystal-stuck at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, and so much more.

Europe tour packages: Switzerland

Europe tour packages

Switzerland is at the top of everyone’s list of places they want to visit. Switzerland is one of the most amazing places to visit because it has clean air, alpine forests, peaks covered in snow, beautiful hiking trails, amazing landscapes, lakes with clear water, and majestic views. There are multiple places to visit in the country. Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken, and many more are just a few. The government is also known for making chocolates that melt in your mouth; plan to visit the country’s cheese factories when you go there.

Europe tour packages: Germany

Europe tour packages

This nation of thrills and temptations known as Germany has a magnetic allure unlike any other in the area. It is often considered the heart of Europe. It’s the sort of place that seems essential on the surface. Still, dig slightly deeper. You’ll discover many joyful festivals and feasts, distinct cultures, stunning scenery, and remarkable experiences waiting for you.

Today, Germany is a popular tourist destination for leisure and business travelers, and it is simple to see why. From the distinct attraction of significant capitals such as Berlin and Munich to the charming beauty of tiny communities in the Alps or the historic town of Nuremberg, Germany never ceases to astound tourists. While Germany’s profound history and culture are two essential characteristics that define its core, the globe is equally drawn to its adventurous outdoors.

On one side is the UNESCO World Heritage site, masterworks of art and architecture, and castles; on the other, there are national parks, gorgeous woods, river valleys, vineyards, and many natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Begin your Germany vacation in Berlin, home to excellent museums and galleries, traditional Christmas markets, and several festivals and fairs. Choose Munich and Frankfurt as your destinations and be wowed by their intriguing contrasts and historic charm. With stops in Hamburg, Cologne, Nuremberg, Baden-Baden, the scenic Black Forest, and Lake Constance, you’ll be astounded at how this nation can surprise you at every turn.

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Europe tour packages: Croatia

Europe tour packages

Don’t miss a visit to Zagreb, the capital city, which is intriguing and full of exciting things to see and do, including the world’s most incredible sunset.

The stunning coastline may capture your attention at first. Still, the walled city of Dubrovnik, UNESCO-protected Split, mini-fortress of Korcula, and national parks screaming to be explored will have you returning for more.

Europe tour packages: Budapest, Hungary

Europe tour packages

Budapest is another great place you should put on your list of the best places to visit in Europe. The country is known for its many different places to visit. It has a lot of churches, art galleries, museums, synagogues, thermal baths, ruined pubs, and spas. It is also called “Little Paris of Middle Europe.” The lazy way the Danube River winds through Hungary’s capital city adds a subtle charm. Visit Buda, an excellent suburb known for its cobblestone streets, beautiful houses, cafes on the road, and quiet atmosphere.

Europe tour packages: Czech Republic

Europe tour packages

There is just the correct amount of history and modernity in Prague. Explore one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval cities in Europe and enjoy the bars, cafes, and concerts in the city at night.

You may want to visit the Czech Republic to see Prague, but there is much more to this country in central Europe than its beautiful capital. There are a lot of other kinds of land, from orchards and vineyards to rolling plains, mountains, and towns that look like they’ve been frozen in time.

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Europe tour packages: Poland

Europe tour packages

Poland was once the best-kept secret in Europe. It is a thriving country with many historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Here, museums and modern art galleries are on the same level as several critical national parks, wooded hills, and thousands of lakes and rivers. Kraków and Gdansk are both beautiful cities where you can have fun and be amazed. On the other hand, Warsaw is always busy and has a lot of art and history to offer. Some unusual places should be on Poland’s Bucket List.

Find out why people keep reaching back to Poland by going to Wroclaw, Auschwitz, the Tatra Mountains, Poznan, and Bydgoszcz. If you want to go hiking, wear your boots and head to the trails around the Baltic coast and the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. These trails will lead you via thick forests, wide rivers, and lakes that are all connected. The lowlands of Masuria, Warmia, and Kashubia are great places to go kayaking, rafting, or canoeing on the water. Lastly, you can’t leave Poland without trying some of its local dishes, like pierogi and potato pancakes.

Europe tour packages: The United Kingdom

Europe tour packages

The country shows the history of Europe beautifully. Britain is home to athletes and artists who are known all over the world. It also has a beautiful side that should be seen. The UK is another one of the many European countries you should plan to visit. It has many green spaces, hidden gems, historic landmarks, and new buildings.

Enjoy traditional Welsh treats. This country, home to Big Ben, will hook you with its beautiful sights. Plan to go to the country, where you can see both the government and royal sides of the country in one place. Plan a trip to this beautiful country, which has some of the best schools in the world.

Europe tour packages: Denmark

Europe tour packages

Take a walk down Street, the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe, and don’t leave Copenhagen without going to Tivoli Gardens, the second-oldest theme park in the world.

Even though Denmark is small, there is much to see and do there. Outside the cities, rough landscapes, old towns, and Viking ruins show Denmark’s long and exciting history. Spend some time in Copenhagen, the charming capital of Denmark, to shop, eat at restaurants with Michelin stars, learn about the city’s rich history, and see new designs.

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Europe tour packages: France

Europe tour packages

Paris has many must-see places, but the city is much more than its famous landmarks. No matter what you see and do in Paris, the city will draw you in and enchant you.

Paris gets a lot of engagement, and rightly so, but France is a fantastic place to spend a vacation. From the sun-kissed Cote d’Azur to the vineyards of Burgundy and Alsace to the sparkling streets of Paris, you can enjoy art, history, food and wine, fashion, and architecture.

Europe tour packages: The Netherlands

Europe tour packages

The Netherlands’ mesmerizing capital, Amsterdam, is a great place to unwind. The site is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best treasure troves, with its rich history, beautiful architecture, art, and cultural heritage. This place is gorgeous and charming because it has lovely architecture and waterways that cross each other. The Netherlands are also known for their flower bulbs, windmills, and exciting nightlife. There are many great bars, clubs, restaurants, and pubs in the area where people can relax after a long day at work.

Europe tour packages: Slovakia

Europe tour packages

Slovakia, also called the Slovak Republic, is a unique country that shares borders with Austria, Hungary, and Poland. This landlocked country may be small, but it has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, historical and cultural sites, and modern entertainment, such as the many castles and chateaux you can find in its busy cities.

After it broke away from Czechoslovakia, this country has become a strong, independent country that wants to step up its tourism game. Slovakia is known for its beautiful old town and drinking culture in its capital, Bratislava. The Tatra Mountains, with their hiking trails and lakes, Banská Ravnica, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the less-visited east, which is full of churches, also offer unique experiences. Stop in Choice and the Tokaj wine region and take it easy for the day because “a vacation in Slovakia is a good idea,” as the saying goes.

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Europe tour packages: Portugal

Europe tour packages

Portugal’s capital is full of historical sites, but it’s also great for nightlife and food. The winding streets of the Bairro Alto district, the exciting architecture, and the parks and squares where locals hang out are all reasons to visit.

Don’t miss Portugal, which is full of sun and charm. For many reasons, Portugal is a great place to go on a memorable European vacation. It has 850 km of sandy beaches, a charming capital full of historical sites, lots of fresh seafood, a varied landscape, and a mild climate with 3000 hours of sunshine a year.

Europe tour packages: Slovenia

Europe tour packages

People often call Slovenia a miniature version of Europe, and it is indeed the greenest country on earth. Here, everyone can find what they need. Even though it has been forgotten for a long time, it is worth going to once in a lifetime to see how well nature, culture, and food can work together.

From the well-known paths to the less-traveled ones, from the tall peaks of the Julian Alps to the magical kocjan caves and old farmhouses of Prekmurje, from the green lakes to the beautiful Adriatic Sea coast, this small country has everything. Go to the riverside market in the country’s capital, Ljubljana, the peaceful resort town of Piran, the castle in Ptuj, and Lake Bled, the country’s crowning jewel. No matter where you go in Slovenia, your heart will go crazy over the beautiful treasures that dot the landscape.

Europe tour packages: Russia

Europe tour packages

Take a canal cruise in St. Petersburg to see the city’s 365 bridges and sights like the Winter Palace from the water.

Russia can seem scary to visit because there are so many things to see and do there, but don’t miss the chance to see some of the cultural and historical gems this vast country offers. From the famous onion dome of St. Basil’s Cathedral and world-class museums to historic Red Square and the Bolshoi Ballet, a trip to Russia will not be boring.

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Europe tour packages: Spain

Europe tour packages

Barcelona should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. From the winding streets of the famous Gothic Quarter to Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, there is enough to do here to keep you busy for days.

Many people love Spain for many different reasons. Each of its many other regions has food, culture, language, and sights worth learning about. Along Costa Brava’s dramatic coastline, you’ll also find big cities, small towns and villages, interesting architecture, and more than 200 km of rough cliffs.


How do I plan a trip to Europe that lasts 15 days?

If you want to go to more than one country, you should make a tentative list of the places you want. If this is your first trip, sticking to big cities and cultural centers is best to keep things simple and easy. Also, be flexible and make the most of your time and money when you travel. Be willing to change your plans if schedules or ticket prices vary.

How long do you require to see Europe?

Europe is big enough to spend a few months there and still not feel like you’ve seen everything. Generally, a two-week trip to Europe should be suitable if you want to see all the major sights. But if you want a complete travel experience at this time, you should focus on a region or a few countries instead of going all over the continent.

Pick one country or plan your trip around a few cities in different countries. Bigger European cities may take three or four days to see everything, but smaller places can be seen in a day or two. If you prepare your trip around a particular area, it will take you less time to get there and back.

Where in Europe do you enjoy going?

Europe has a lot of beautiful scenery, a long history, and many different cultures. Choosing the best places to visit on the continent can be challenging. But you can narrow your list of must-sees by giving your trip a central theme.

If you want to learn about art and history, Italy, Spain, and France should be at the top of your list of places to visit. If you love nature the most, go to Switzerland, Norway, or Croatia. Greece, Portugal, and Montenegro are some of the best places to go if you want to go to the beach or do water sports.

Still, you can mix and match different parts of the same country to make your itinerary more interesting. Italy is number one not only because of its medieval buildings and Renaissance art but also because of its beautiful coastline and sunny beaches. In the same way, Spain is a paradise for both food and architecture.

What kind of money do I need for a trip to Europe?

The Euro (€) is the main currency used throughout Europe. Still, some countries, like Switzerland and the Czech Republic, also have their coins. In Europe, there are a lot of banks and ATMs where you can withdraw money safely.

Do I need a visa to visit Europe?

People from the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US can stay in most European countries for up to 90 daytimes without a visa. Still, people from other countries may need a permit. Information about keys can change, so check with your local embassy.

When should I make plans to go to Europe?

Europe is a popular place to visit annually, but the best time is between June and September. The sun is out, the water is friendly, and the countryside is perfect for driving around and finding European castles. If you want to take a winter vacation, you can find Christmas markets and après-ski spots all over Europe.

Do I need shots to go to Europe?

For trips to Europe, it’s best to get vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis A. It’s also an acceptable idea to get your regular shots on time. This is just for your information. Please converse with your doctor before going on a trip.

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