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Which countries on Earth are the cheap destinations to travel to? Where can you travel in 2022 to enable you to stay longer, experience a higher standard of living, and save money? The following are 8 destinations worldwide that offer the bare necessities – lodging, transportation, and food – for a discount: 

1. Cheap Destinations To Travel; Laos, 25 USD per day

cheap destinations to travel - Laos, 25 USD per day

Photo by Sasha Popovic

When I was backpacking around Southeast Asia for cheap destinations to travel to, Laos was one of five countries where I could keep my daily budget under $30, even though housing was significantly more expensive than in the rest of Southeast Asia at the time. Many of the great activities available in Laos are inexpensive. I spent $2.50 to see one of the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls, $7 for a full day of tubing along the Vang Vieng river, and $6 for an incredible tiger balm massage. Additionally, you may rent a motorcycle for a reasonable price and journey off to nearby villages, where everything is much cheaper! With an increasing number of new hostels being created to accommodate the growing number of travelers, you may stay for less and last longer. If you have a little more money to spend, you can obtain a stunning room for closer to $35, which would easily cost $100 in the United States.

Costs at a glace here in Laos

  • $3 – $9 each day for meals. Certain hostels offer simple Breakfast.
  • Accommodation costs between $5 and $10 a night in a hostel.
  • Transportation: $6–15 for a day’s rental of a motorcycle (prices may vary depending on the condition of the bike and negotiating skills), or up to $25 for an intercity bus ticket.
  • $6 for 1.5GB of data with a 30-day validity

2.Cheap Destinations To Travel; India, the daily rate of $20

India is possibly the most affordable country to visit, but only if you’re willing to haggle and look for bargains. Bear in mind that cheap accommodations in the $3 level will be fundamental, and showering with buckets of warm water is common. While it will be difficult to locate affordable treasures in the north, the south, with its stunning beaches, may be more productive in terms of budget lodging.

The most cost-effective approach to travel in India is to book your accommodations. This means that there will be no agents or internet booking services (save for some intercity travel). 12Go Asia is a good resource for that). Like Nepal, if you visit local guesthouses, restaurants, and tour operators in person, you may easily buy the same items for half the price quoted online.

Costs at a glace here in India

  • $3–6 per day for meals
  • $4–$8 per night in a local guesthouse
  • Transportation: $1–3 for a full day of bus and train travels, or $8–30 for an interstate train ride (a domestic flight can often cost as little as $30 if you’re looking to indulge without actually splurging!)
  • SIM card including data $3 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity. That is indeed a bargain

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3. Cheap Destinations To Travel; $25/day for Cambodia 

cheap destinations to travel - $25/day for Cambodia 

Photo by Steven Gitter

I know for a fact that if you’re willing to rough it, you can easily stay a month in Cambodia for less than $1000. So it is one of the most affordable countries to travel to among the cheap destinations to travel. Dorms are extremely basic yet can be relatively inexpensive. I also owed a debt to my negotiating abilities, as I was nearly always able to get the Tuk Tuk drivers out of charging me unfairly. There will be some one-time charges, like the $62 three-day pass to Angkor Wat and diving trips, but there will also be days spent riding a bicycle through a bit of village and eating inexpensive but delectable pork skewers when a dollar or two may go a long way.

Additionally, look at Booking.com’s stunning, primarily new boutique hotels. They are more expensive than staying in hostels, but they are well worth the money! I’d spend a few nights splurging on some R&R by the pool.

Costs at a glace here in Cambodia

  • $5–10 per day for meals. Some hostels include Breakfast. Hostel fees range from $3 and $10 a night (here’s a guide to the top hostels in Cambodia).
  • $6-$15 for a day’s rental of a motorcycle (prices may vary depending on the bike condition and your haggling skills) or a bus ticket between cities
  • Data SIM card 1.5GB of data with a 30-day validity period only for $2. That is indeed a bargain!

4. Cheap Destinations To Travel; Thailand’s far north, $30 per day

Thailand’s north is a budget-friendly destination. Accommodation costs double, triple, and even quadruple as one travels south. If your Thailand trip is limited in time and price, consider staying up north! Even in well-known tourist destinations such as Chiang Mai and Pai, basic dorms are frequently available for less than $5. If you stick to street food (to each their own, but why eat spaghetti when you can have pad Thai, am I right? ), you will not only save money, but your experience will also be a lot more authentic and delightful. You don’t need a lot of money to have a good time, as the majority of activities, such as seeing the White Temple, hiking, or gathering three other people from your hostel to rent a car and go on day trips, are all reasonable.

Costs at a glace here in Thailand

  • Breakfast is included in some hostels for meals for $5–$15 per day. Hostel prices range from $5 to $10 per night.
  • $6-$10 for a day’s rental of a motorcycle (prices may vary depending on the bike condition and your haggling skills). Alternatively, a four-person rental automobile.
  • Data SIM card: $7 for 1.5GB of data with a 30-day validity

5. Cheap Destinations To Travel; $30/day for Indonesia

cheap destinations to travel - $30/day for Indonesia

Photo by César González Palomo

The interesting thing about Indonesia is that it can be cheap destinations to travel to or relatively expensive, depending on transportation. Intercity travel and private boat transport between islands may be highly costly and time-consuming. Adhere to one or two regions to save money! There is a great deal to see and see, and staying longer in one location will only help you travel deeper and have a more meaningful experience. If you’re on a budget tour and want to travel far and wide, my best advice is to take public transit! That is just what I did while backpacking in Indonesia a few years ago, and it resulted in some amusing tales.

On the other hand, food and beverages are inexpensive around the country, not to mention delectable! Riding a scooter around the mountains is quite reasonable, as is hiking, chasing waterfalls, and lounging all day in a hammock by the coast. Hostels are plentiful, social, and reasonably priced, particularly in the Gili Islands.

Costs at a glace here in Indonesia

  • Breakfast is included in some hostels for meals for $5–$15 per day. Hostel prices range from $5 to $10 per night.
  • $8-$15 for a day’s rental of a motorcycle (prices may vary depending on the bike condition and your haggling skills)
  • $5 for a data-enabled SIM card with a 30-day validity

6. Cheap Destinations To Travel; Philippine Islands, $35/day

The archipelago of the Philippines may be pretty expensive in terms of both money and time, and hostel options are far less plentiful than in other Southeast Asian countries. While these two considerations may appear to be a deal-breaker for tourists looking to extend their funding as far as possible, there are ways to keep travel costs in the Philippines modest. If you are traveling in shoulder seasons, book your flights and itinerary well in advance (this is not the place for spontaneous travel! ), and stay within a few locations, the Philippines can still be reasonable. Also, the country is home to some of the most stunning islands, dive spots, and hidden jewels that would cost far more in other parts of the world. In that regard, the Philippines is an investment worth every peso.

Costs at a glace here in the Philippines

  • $5–$15 per day for meals Breakfast is included at some hostels. Hostel rates range from $7 to $13.
  • Transportation: $10–$15 for a day’s rental of a motorbike (prices may vary depending on the bike’s condition and your negotiating skills) or $15–$20 for a boat ride between islands SIM card with data: $6 for 2GB with a 30-day validity

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7. Cheap Destinations To Travel; $28 per day in Nepal

Nepal is highly affordable among the shortlist of cheap destinations to travel to, with most food, lodging, and transportation costs falling within a few dollars if you eat, sleep, and travel locally. In terms of cuisine, while I’ve never had stomach problems while eating street food, Nepali street food has a bad reputation. However, you may find affordable and delectable home-cooked meals at small, independently managed eateries. Please exercise extreme caution when booking lodging online, as large corporations have taken over small homestays and transformed them into boutique hotels and resorts. The “local guesthouses” you’ve reserved could very well be affiliated with a large hotel chain. I recommend scheduling your first couple of nights online and looking for authentic local guesthouses upon arrival.

Suppose you decide to trek as long as you travel independently and avoid climbing Mt. Everest, which costs tens of thousands of dollars. In that case, you can travel for as little as $10 per day on food and lodging at lower elevations and closer to $20 at higher elevations on popular routes like the Annapurna Circuit.

Costs at a glace here in Nepal

  • $5–10 per day for meals. Breakfast is available at certain hostels.
  • Accommodation costs $5 and $10 per night at a local guesthouse.
  • Transportation: Between $10 and $15 per person for a private car and driver shared by four persons, or local bus travel between cities
  • SIM cards for $3 with 1.25GB of data with 30-day validity.

8. Cheap Destinations To Travel; Greece, the daily rate of $40.00

cheap destinations to travel - Greece

Photo by Pedro Szekely

We will list the only country from Europe here among the cheap destinations to travel to. If you want to visit Greece on a budget, timing is critical. While rates for flights, lodging, and tours have decreased significantly since the country’s 2010 fiscal crisis, summer months continue to be more expensive. This means avoiding the warmest and busiest months in Greece, July, and August. Rather than that, visit Greece a few weeks before or after summer to experience it with fewer tourists and an item of lower expenditure. Also, you can preserve money on food by purchasing fresh produce at the market and preparing your meals, as dining out in restaurants can be costly in some regions of Greece. A small picnic on a beautiful beach can be just as pleasurable as a sumptuous seafood restaurant feast!

In terms of activities, take advantage of the free walking tours offered, and if you plan to do any island hopping in Greece, plan and stick to a group of islands to reduce transfers. Keep in mind that a domestic aircraft may occasionally be less expensive than a bus ride for long-distance travel.

Costs at a glace here Greece

  • $10–15 per day for meals
  • Accommodation: $10 – $15 per night in a hostel Transportation: $10 – $15 per person for a four-person rental car (note: scooter rental is approximately $25 – $30 per day), or $10 – $20 for ferry tickets among the islands
  • SIM card with data included: $12 for 2GB of storage with a 30-day validity

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