10 Best Hotels Near Yosemite

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There is no place like Yosemite. Rugged granite cliffs that glow pink at sunset, sparkling rainbows in the river, and some of the best hikes and rock climbing in the country. However, there is a trick here. You don’t have to stay in the park. The best hotels near Yosemite National Park offers convenient proximity to all of Yosemite’s magic.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find near each entrance, plus accommodations recommendations at each:


Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • The Hetch Hetchy and Big Oak Flat entrances

The Hetch Hetchy and Big Oak Flat entrance is one of the best hotels near Yosemite National Park, attracting travelers to the Bay Area and north. In Groveland, the first city to say “I did it!”, You’ll find California’s oldest saloons, shops, Yosemite Gateway, Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum, and you can stop by for another time. If you’re looking for an adventure but don’t know where to start or don’t want to do it alone, Groveland also serves as a starting point for river trips to Alta and Sierra Mac and Yosemite Guided Services. Make important decisions on the way to the entrance to the two parks. Hetch Hetchy or Big Oak Flat heading to Yosemite Valley? Both offer numerous hikes and stunning views. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite

Located on the road to Hetch Hetchy, Evergreen is one of the Best Hotels near Yosemite feels like a destination. The recently refurbished cabins are gathered in a “village” and surrounding open spaces where adult travelers can relax, and small travelers can play, providing charm without sacrificing comfort. Evergreen Lodge, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021, has a vast indoor area to enjoy games such as pools and table tennis and a separate, equally magnificent library/living room for reading and chatting snuggling up. Whether you want to be relaxed indoors in the evening or in winter, the property has many outdoor options. Playgrounds, disc golf, fire pits, oversized connect fours, walkways, heated pools, and whirlpools allow visitors to interact, play, and relax. Evergreen Lodge is reminiscent of the past by maintaining the tranquility of an era when it was common to walk around the property, with parking lots in two locations. In addition to a well-equipped cabin, Evergreen Lodge also has a ready-made campground. With tents and all related facilities available, campers can enjoy lodge facilities such as cozy bars, restaurants, and well-stocked shops.

Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Rush Creek Lodge at Yosemite

This eco-friendly resort and sister hotel of Evergreen Lodge offers a beautiful location fewer than a mile toward the park entrance, eco-friendly style, and amenities for the whole family. Rush Creek Lodge incorporates the critical elements of Evergreen and arranges it in a contemporary style. She welcomes travelers of all types. You don’t have to choke on your travel books with knowledgeable animation staff. These friendly and patient people have everything they need to make a visit inside and outside the park a wonderful experience. During the day, Rush Creek staff will rent snowshoes, teach you about hiking off the best roads, and answer Yosemite-related questions. It offers more kits and board games at night.

Inside Rush Creek, there are plenty of places to play, climb, feast, and chat. The outdoor grounds include:

  • A fire pit.
  • Three zip lines.
  • A giant queen.
  • A 60-foot slide.
  • Two hot tubs for one adult.

Only), a large heated pool and various walking/hiking trails. Each room at Rush Creek offers views of the surrounding national forest and enjoys nature. Adults should not overlook the spa, although they may visit Rush Creek Lodge due to its great proximity to the National Park and excellent facilities. Wow. The Rush Creek Spa has a Himalayan salt sauna, a steam room, two indoor waterfalls, a heated zero gravity chair, a hot and cold mist shower room, and a sensory room. It is for indoor use only. The outdoor area of ​​the spa has three different lounge options, including warm river bedrock, 104-degree salt swirls with waterfalls, and hanging beds.

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Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Yosemite Pines RV Resort

With many options, Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodge prepare families and couples for an adventurous and relaxing visit. It is known as one of the best hotels near Yosemite. The resort has cabins, yurts, tents, RV sites, Connecta Wagons, and retro RVs for a fun family stay. Conestoga carriages are equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, and heating and air conditioning. The retro camper van has all the charm of the time, with modern décor and everything you need for food preparation and fun. The resort has a deli and barbecue area, so on-site everything you need. There’s also a playground, sand bowl, beach volleyball, pool, nature trail, and even an alpaca petting zoo, so you can forget to get to the national park. If you decide to go to the park, it’s about a 30-minute drive to the entrance to Big Oak Flat.

Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • The Arch Rock

The entrance to Arch Rock, the park closest to Yosemite Valley, welcomes visitors from all directions. The town of Mariposa is the first and most developed clue to arriving near Yosemite. Still, the beautiful winding roads along the Merced River pass through the small villages and settlements of Midpines and El Portal before arriving. Increase. It can fill up along the road between Mariposa and the park, but not much else. The Merced River Recreation Area and the Brysburg Bridge Area are good places to take a dip or picnic in the summer and enjoy the river’s power that carved out the valley in the winter. For longer detours, walk Brysburg Road and stop at the scenery and swimming spots. The Zephyr Whitewater Exhibition offers a cruise on the Merced River on this side of the park if you’re not so busy to get to the valley. Highway 140 slowly winds towards the park’s front door, and various accommodation options provide the experience you’re looking for.

Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Vacation Rentals in Mariposa

Mariposa offers a variety of vacation rentals. If you plan to visit the park for only a day or two but need a base to explore the many excursion options in the area, it’s best to rent a house in Mariposa. With a visitor center and a mining museum, Mariposa helps visitors better understand the region.

And cute shops like the centrally located Pioneer Market and some antique shops combine nature with shopping therapy. Beyond the town, the area is flooded with rental accommodation along lesser-known paths and streams. Find vacation rentals in and around Mariposa on vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, or one of the most online travel agencies that currently offer vacation rentals. It’s also one of the best hotels near Yosemite. Need some motivation to kick start your quest? It is an example of the Chochila River and another downtown.

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Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

The legendary Yosemite Baglastic Mountain Resort has fascinated travelers for decades with its diverse accommodations, delicious food, and festive community opportunities for conferences, pages, games, and culinary. The bugs are so far away from Highway 140 that as soon as you drive in, you’ll feel like you’re hiding in the trees and hills of Mariposa County, and you’ll be carried back in time.

Bug offers dormitories and shared kitchens if you’re looking for a low-budget option. And, as the resort’s name suggests, “true cabin accommodation” is cozy, well-equipped, and offers everything a tired traveler needs, except for everyday resort prices. Known for its excellent food, the affordable June Bug Cafe provides travelers a variety of meals to cook after receiving an order to rejuvenate before going out on the trail and rejuvenate when they return.

Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Yosemite View Lodge

Next to the Arch Rock entrance, Yosemite View Lodge offers more than 300 rooms and suites next to the Merced River. Travelers are welcomed with an in-room kitchenette, coffee, HBOready cable, and WiFi. Yosemite View Lodge provides everything travelers need with a convenience store, cocktail lounge, restaurant, and visitor center. Hikers with indoor and outdoor pools and spas have a place to return and relax after spending a day in the park. And when you’re ready to get up and start over, drive back to the park entrance.

Best Hotels Near Yosemite

  • Wawona Hotel

For nearly a century, this rustic mountain and one of the best hotels near Yosemite has welcomed visitors with its charming, woodsy cabins. It’s replete with family-friendly amenities and a favorite retreat for couples. It’s just the national park boundary outside, so plan on driving here.

US News & World Report lists the best hotels near Yosemite based on an analysis of industry awards, hotel star ratings, and user ratings. Hotels ranked in the top 10% of the best hotels in the United States received a gold badge. Hotels ranked in the top 30% of Yosemite’s best hotels have won the Silver Badge. These hotels that appear after the rated hotel are sorted by hotel class, then user rating, as provided by Trip Advisor.

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