Bora Bora vs Maldives – 9 Points On How To Pick The Best One

Bora Bora vs Maldives – 9 Points On How To Pick The Best One

After proposing in Bora Bora, probably the most gorgeous island on the planet, Me and my wife had set a relatively high bar for our honeymoon destination. We understood that following a hectic year of preparing that culminated in a large wedding, isolated relaxation would be a top priority for honeymoon resort selections. We also desired to visit another overwater bungalow island. Given our desire to go to additional countries after resting and recharging, we chose the Maldives as the ideal starting point for our multi-destination honeymoon. (Even more so now that the Maldives are believed to be disappearing.) Many tourists debate whether to visit Bora Bora or the Maldives, and after seeing both of these dreamy locales, I’ve acquired some pretty strong beliefs about which destination to visit (Bora Bora vs Maldives).

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Is Bora Bora a Maldives Island?

Bora Bora vs Maldives - Bora Bora

This is a frequently asked issue, so to begin, no, Bora Bora and the Maldives are two completely distinct destinations. The Maldives is an Indian Ocean archipelago located off the coast of Sri Lanka. Bora Bora is an island within the French Polynesia archipelago, located between Hawaii and Australia. Both provide the experience of staying in a water house on magnificent island resorts that span the cleanest crystal blue and turquoise lagoons. The following are some factors that may influence your choice of destination.

The Best; Bora Bora vs Maldives

I finally had the opportunity to stay in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora last month, and I have to accept that it surpassed all of my expectations! Oh, the glistening blue water, the sea creatures, and the white sand beaches! However, having visited the Maldives twice, I can attest that it provides the same amenities.

So how do you choose between Bora Bora and the Maldives, especially if the trip is a bucket list item, such as a honeymoon? Allow me to delve into my experience and assist you in determining the answer:

Timing; Bora Bora vs Maldives

Bora Bora vs Maldives - Maldives

It may be as simple as selecting according to the rainy season. I’ve visited French Polynesia and the Maldives during the wet season, and rain is possible. However, you can also enjoy great weather and lower pricing, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

However, if you don’t want to toss the dice, examine each country’s dry seasons, which are nearly opposite:

May to October in Bora Bora (click here to read a complete seasonality breakdown)

Accessibility of Bora Bora vs Maldives

To reach Bora Bora, you first fly into Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport and then take an Air Tahiti flight to Bora Bora. From the airport, the resort has reached either speedboat or seaplane. The duration of the flight to Bora Bora is dependent on your origin. It takes approximately 7.5 hours from the United States to reach the island, whereas the same journey from Asia may take a day.

The Maldives is accessible via flights to Male International Airport – the Maldives has 12 airports. You may then go to your resort via speedboat or domestic flight, which are frequently provided at an additional expense by the hotels.

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Traveling distance; Bora Bora vs Maldives

As a resident of the west coast of the United States, French Polynesia is deliciously close. All it takes is a reasonably priced eight-hour flight to get there. On the other hand, it takes me nearly 24 hours to reach the Maldives. It was considerably closer when I lived in Berlin, from which I traveled to the Maldives twice.

I’m not sure about you, but travel time has become increasingly important. Fortunately, I could book round-trip business class flights on Emirates for my upcoming trip (read more about how I did so using credit card points here). Still, I would have to think long and hard about flying coach for that trip, whereas I have no reservations about the flying coach to French Polynesia.

Contrast variety with a single lovely island

The Maldives consists of 1190 islands, but Bora Bora is a single island within French Polynesia, composed of hundreds of islands.

When picking between the Maldives and Bora Bora, you effectively choose between an entire country and a tiny island. Bora Bora may be more appealing due to its simplicity and plenty of activities. Still, if you’re looking for more diversity and more affordable options, the Maldives has enough to offer!

Costs; Bora Bora vs Maldives

Both of these locations have the potential to be prohibitively pricey. Bora Bora is well-known for its high pricing, as are portions of the Maldives. That said, the Maldives contains budget-friendly local islands, and while Bora Bora has a few budget-friendly options, you should budget more for everything in French Polynesia. Although it is my favorite travel location globally, it is not a budget trip.

The majority of Bora-overwater Bora’s bungalows will cost you at least $1000 per night, and that is on the low end. While staying above water in the Maldives is not significantly cheaper, those on a budget will often find more options.

Activities: Bora Bora vs Maldives

Bora Bora offers a plethora of activities. They’re famed for their lagoon trips with sharks and stingrays, but the lagoon is so lovely that you can take a kayak out and snorkel for as long as you like.

You may even take a boat out to swim with humpback whales if you visit around the perfect time of year (late July to late October).

Additionally, there is a climb on Bora Bora that provides a beautiful view of the island. If you prefer climbing and mountaineering, the Maldives is not the place for you.

Additionally, there are numerous eateries, and you may rent a scooter to explore Bora Bora.

This will not be the case if you choose to stay at a Maldives resort. The majority of resorts are isolated on their island, and you’ll be required to dine at their cafeterias, mark up for their tours, and do very little traveling beyond your tiny island.

The wildlife you can observe varies according to which region of the Maldives you are in. I enjoy visiting Ari Atoll, home to Manta rays and whale sharks. Other sections of the Maldives are also biosphere reserves where you may view a variety of species, so if you’re an ocean lover like me, choose a resort in one of the locations with the animals you’re interested in seeing.

Bora Bora vs the Maldives; Neighborhood Interaction

How much interaction on a local level do you desire? The people are one of my favorite aspects of French Polynesia, and being able to meet and speak with them has prompted me to return numerous times. That is not to suggest that the Maldivian people are not as gorgeous, but unless you opt to stay on a local island, you will not have much interaction (which I did during my first visit and highly recommend).

Local islands, on the other hand, do not have overwater cottages. You cannot wear a bikini (the Maldives is predominantly Sunni Muslim, and visitors must cover-up on local islands). While you can have beautiful experiences, you will not have the luxury and local interaction in the exact location.

The majority of Maldives resort islands are isolated and frequently staffed by foreigners. This permits them to sell alcohol and guests for wearing bikinis on the beach, but it also means you’ll be isolated and unable to explore much on foot.

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In my opinion; Bora Bora vs the Maldives

Bora Bora vs Maldives - my opinion

If I were arranging my honeymoon, I would choose dates depending on the ideal weather. Having visited both locations during the wet season, I can attest that you can either get really lucky or extremely unlucky. If you’re ready to spend thousands of dollars per night on an overwater bungalow, going during the rainy season is a gamble.

Of course, rain can strike at any moment, and you never know for sure, but I would hedge against rained-out honeymoons by selecting during the dry season.

Otherwise, it’s difficult for me to choose between them, as they are both stunning and offer so much to see. The excellent information is that you cannot go wrong.

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